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Control Centre

The starting point for HR logged into the Clic In Career platform, the Control Centre displays up-to-the-minute hiring activities alongside items that need priority attention. Users can easily personalize the Control Centre to monitor details such as "alerts", "hot candidates" and even "interview schedules".

Vacancy Management
Much of the activity regarding creation vacancies, are carried out in this module.
Users decide the lifecycle of their vacancies, as well as setting up availability, vacancy details, pushing openings to employees, creating virtual interviews and competency; all of which are then reported on. One unique feature is the Application Process Designer, that lets users customize the application form depending on the target audience. Not only can you choose to make certain fields compulsory or optional, you can also request custom information and attachments based on specific requirements for the vacancy. While creating the vacancy, the user is guided through a process of defining the requirements for the vacancy in a simple Q&A format. Applicants are then evaluated against these requirements and are automatically assigned a score based on their match. This makes the task of identifying the best-fit candidates a snap.

Applicant Management
Testing, evaluation and distribution of applicants are day-to-day functions of core users in this sophisticated area of the platform. References, candidate management & communications, peer rating and offers are all driven from this extensive module. A powerful search engine allows users to mine the talent pool for candidates.

Administrator Module
The systems administration module allows super users to maintain both systems as well as user integrity. Being self sufficient and the ability to quickly update user settings is critical for corporate customers. Clic In Career platform provides the unique ability to decide, define and control each and every function that a user or a group of users are permitted to perform. Perhaps a recruitment administrator can define user functions such as:
• Create requisitions, but not publish job adverts to the public internet domain

Global Vacancy Publishing
The standard package allows users to publish job openings onto their corporate website or sites, thus enabling 24-hour availability to candidates for applications or referrals. A schedule can be established to automatically publish and remove.

Jobsite Posting
This module allows clients to push job adverts out from the system globally to their selected jobsites. Clients find this easy to use as they do not have to recreate jobs on multiple sites, or have to manage applications in various databases. Applicants coming onto the platform from various jobsites are all managed centrally and reported on by the system. This allows you to quantify and qualify which jobsites give you most candidates, and which provide you those that get to the most interviews and offers.

Employee Referrals
Leading companies average over 25% of their strategic hires through referrals. Our platform helps companies run Employee Referral programs in a structured and automated manner.
It automatically records all referrals, those that are successful, and builds reports on employees who provide the best candidates into the hiring process. Critically, these tools also verify the authenticity of a referral and gather feedback from employees on how they feel a candidate is appropriate.
It also includes a Referral Management area where designated Referral administrators can manage any referrals that are "stuck" in the process. For example, if the candidate provided an incorrect email address for the referrer or the employee who referred the candidate is currently on holiday and is unable to respond. A toolbox allows the administrator to forward the referrals to the appropriate email address or provide verification and feedback on behalf of the employee.

Career Portals - Candidate & Employee
Career Portals are now an essential part of a successful recruitment program. The corporate website is a vital projection of the corporate image and a key communication platform; the Careers section is quickly becoming the first and most valuable point of contact between candidates and companies.

Compelling Content
Clic In Career platform has a powerful and easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) built into it, which allows the designated user to manage all of the content on the website. The career portal also generates visitor reports to gauge popularity with jobseekers as well as to configure the site as per preferences gathered by visitor surveys.

Tailor-made Designs
We appreciate that each large employer is different. We work with you to discover your unique selling propositions with regards to attracting and retaining talent. We call this your career brand; and we design, write and build specific career portals around your needs.

Talent Pools
One of the key reasons companies invest in recruitment platforms is to build their own talent pools. This provides a timely and cost-effective supply of candidates and maximizes the return on all sourcing investments. With a massive candidate database, it is critical that you be able to effectively "fish" for talent in the pool. Our multi-function search allows users to find a specific set of candidates using a comprehensive set of search criteria. This also includes a unique keyword search that allows you to run Google-like searches against the CV and other documents attached against the candidates.

How to Get Ahead
An improvement in this area could mean the difference between hiring the best on time and settling for second-best after months of futile search. Our program generates a continual pipeline of pre-screened candidates, and encourages evaluation and testing to occur before your competitors have even published a vacancy.

When you are embarking on Strategic HR projects, it is crucial to be able to discreetly build skill pools, perhaps for a new operating unit, a new technology, or to pre-empt competitive hiring in a new geographic area. This tool set is also excellent for Graduate CV registration. HR is also recommended suitable candidates from the existing talent pools when creating important new requisitions – thus ensuring that people already in your grasp are not overlooked. Peer-rating tools also allow HR to mark star candidates and to see those recommended by fellow HR or hiring managers.

Applicant Care
We have worked hard towards perfecting a good applicant experience because a bad one could mean the difference between hiring from a set of quality CVs and settling for average. It is very important to understand that the candidate must be communicated with during the application process.

Automated Communication
When a candidate does not complete the application process in one sitting, an email is automatically sent to the candidate requesting them to complete the procedure. Once complete, a user-defined email will be automatically sent to the candidate confirming receipt of the application and what the candidate should expect next.

Bulk Email
In the event where an organization wants to communicate with all those who’ve applied or just sent a message to a selected few, our solutions can be used to not just deliver the message but also personalize it for each individual.

Applicant Self Service
Online hiring platforms are designed to ensure that applicants can gain access to their information at any time, from anywhere in the world without having to call the HR department for an update on their application. Once they have registered their details with you online, applicants can then manage their application and receive updates through the Applicant Centre embedded in your career site. Advanced functionality such as the ability to download offers or book interviews, set-up job alerts for future vacancies or check their status in the recruitment process are all available online. Critically, all communications sent to applicants are also stored in a virtual inbox.

Applicant Query Tool
Customers who receive high volumes of applicants and want to provide excellent levels of candidate care use this module to receive, route, respond and report on the queries coming in from candidates around the world. FAST stands for ‘Feedback and Support Tool’ and comes packaged with response templates. Customers with a call centre find this a very powerful tool.

Service to Line Managers
We recognize that line manager acceptance of a hiring platform is critical to its success. A key step is to ensure they do not require any training in how to use your hiring platform. There are some key features of our platform that guarantees line manager involvement and approval:

Email Digest
Line managers and HR, receive a tailored email in their office inbox each day. Sent automatically from the hiring platform, these emails contain updates on their campaigns. Pending approvals, candidate pipelines, interview bookings or unexpected delays are among the many items that can be subscribed to. Line managers appreciate these auto-updates and are aware of recruitment actions needing their attention.

Reporting Suite
Pre-defined A powerful suite of a lot of best-practice reports, all of which can be exported to Excel for manipulation, charting, and sharing with non-users.
The suite includes classic reports such as:
• Time-to-hire
• Bottleneck and pipeline reports

HRMS Integration
Our XML Framework is a highly developed, secure and flexible integration engine. This module is used most commonly to push hired candidate data into a client HR System or ERP to create an employee record without manual intervention, duplication or delays. We can also use the framework to pull information such as requisition data from a client ERP into the hiring platform.

Added Value

Exit Interview & On-boarding Surveys
This easy-to-use module is a web surveying tool designed to gain greater insight into your online hiring capabilities, and to garner feedback on recruitment service levels. Useful for understanding candidate behavior, their perception of your employment brand or reputation and also great to understand from line managers what they think of the service they receive. With built in analytics, you can run surveys every quarter and gauge if your KPIs of improving your service are behind or ahead of schedule.

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