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Clic In Medical is a Clinic Management software which helps in efficient clinic management by managing Doctor's appointments, medical billing, patients treatment history, diagnostics information and the administrative activities of a clinic or a hospital. Apart from the standard features of other clinic management software, Clic In Medical was developed considering the end user in mind. Clic In Medical's ease of use, speed in retrieving information, multi-user functionality and manageability are exemplary compared to other applications.

What does Clic In Medical offer?
Clic In Medical offers modules for the management of Doctor's Appointments, Specializations, Diagnostics, Treatment, Prescriptions, Lab Analysis Reports, Patient-Information including history, Administrative activities and Billing.

How does Clic In Medical Work?
Clic In Medical has modules for various users in a Clinic. These modules are integrated thus information once entered is available wherever required without the need for re-entering it.

Definition Module:
The master entries can be made in the Definition module. The definition module is used for defining the following

• Organization Details
• Hospital Structure: The number of Consulting Rooms, Consulting Hours etc.
• General Parameters such as Blood Group, Doctor's Specialization, Departments etc.
• Allergies/Diagnosis/Physical Exam Questions.
• Lab Analysis Parameters.
• System Users.

Patient Profile:

A comprehensive patient data is collected using this module.
• Patient contact information
• Patient's Doctor
• Company Information
• Emergency Contact information
• Blood Group, Height, Weight, ESIC, Voters Card No, Dependents etc.
• A photograph of the patient.

Doctor Profile:
• Doctor's Contact Information.
• Specialization.
• Department.
• License No.

There are two appointment modules in the system. One is for Doctor and the other for the Front Office. If the system user is a doctor, when selecting this option the appointments for the doctor for the day is displayed. The Doctor can select an appointment and proceed to the patient's treatment details. If the system user is not a doctor then the general appointment form is shown. Here all appointments for the day for the clinic irrespective of the Doctors are displayed. The user could fix an appointment by just clicking on the relevant cell on the time schedule.

Lab Analysis:
In this module a patient's various Lab Analysis and Findings are maintained. The system has provisions for internal as well as external Lab Analysis details. If internal the details are entered by the lab people.

This module is meant for the Doctors. Here the patient's date-wise treatment history is displayed in very comprehensive manner. The doctor can add, edit or delete records from this. All the information is available at one place in a spreadsheet format. This eliminates the need for looking into multiple forms for patient data. The information can be sorted category-wise, date-wise, treatment-wise and Doctor-wise Payment Payment module lists all pending / completed bills for a given date. The user can prepare an invoice for patients and print it.

The various reports that can be taken from Clic In Medical are:
• Appointment Details
• Payment History
• Patient Profile
• Doctor Profile
• Lab Analysis Reports
• Treatment Details

How Big is Clic In Medical?
Clic In Medical is suitable for a clinic with multiple doctors and consulting rooms. It was developed keeping Polyclinics and Specialist Doctors in mind. Hence the emphasis was mainly on the ease of use and portability. It does not need any third party Software components such as a proprietary database like ORACLE TM.

How beneficial is Clic In Medical for a Clinic/Doctor?
• Stores complete patient data
• Information at the press of a mouse-click
• Information availability across departments.
• Safe Storage of data.
• Billing of patients.
• Maintenance of Tariffs.
• Multi Doctor, Multi Room appointment handling.
• Portable database for Consulting Doctors.
• Easy retrieval of History information.

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