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After production deployment, an application needs to be managed and maintained on an on-going basis. Application management involves stabilizing, sustaining and growing an application on a sustainable basis that meets the growing needs of the end users. Applications, that are unstable or are divergent from the needs of business users, can have a huge impact on business and on IT.
It is, therefore, critical that business applications are managed proactively by a team that is dedicated to the purpose of managing and growing the application.
Clic In IT provides a wide range of services required to manage a portfolio of business applications on a sustainable basis and in a cost-effective manner. We can set up a program for holistically managing an application and provide the following set of services:

  • Level 1 support

  • Defect resolution

  • Quality Control

  • Development of Enhancements

Application Monitoring and Control
Some of the key factors that help contribute towards overall success of an Application Management engagement are as follows:

Appropriate SLAs
Our Application management services are delivered through a set of SLAs agreed to between the customers and the service provider. These SLAs are defined in terms of responsiveness, team stabilization, application stabilization, quality, etc and usually vary based on the nature and usage of the application. We work closely with our customers to define the appropriate SLAs that will meet the objectives of the customers. Once the SLAs are defined, we create systems to ensure that data is tracked on a real-time basis for development of the required SLA reports.

Global delivery model
Our Application Management services are executed in a global delivery model (with a combination or onsite and offshore resources based either in Kuwait or in Pakistan). The key advantage of the global delivery model is the “round-the-clock” support. One can create a 24x7 or 24x5 or 16x5 support organization using a global team.. Apart from this, there are several other advantages of a global delivery model and low-cost being a key one.

Strong application management processes
Structured and smooth operational processes are extremely critical in an application management engagement. As such services are delivered using a global team, it is important to have processes that ensure strong communication and collaboration among the team members and the customer. Clic In IT has a well defined and tested processes to support our application management services.

Right Skills
Application Management services require good technical skills as well as an ability to debug programs and come to solutions. People have to sometimes work under time pressures to deliver workarounds / solutions to critical problems. This service requires a special kind of problem solving abilities and communication skills. We recognize this difference and work towards consciously staffing our engagements with people with right skills.

Close Client Coordination
Any outsourcing arrangement is a long-term partnership and we work proactively to ensure that our partnership continues to run smoothly and we meet and exceed the hard and soft expectations of our customers and business users. We keep the delivery process and team highly transparent to the customer and customer representatives are involved in all the key engagement level decisions. This ensures that our service is always in line with customer expectations.

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