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Infrastructure Management Services

As demands on the IT infrastructure is rapidly increasing, several companies are looking for a reliable and cost effective means for maintaining their IT applications and systems and optimizing their internal infrastructure management processes. Today, IT infrastructure needs to be available 24x7 with extremely high uptime requirements. It requires heavy investment in support organization to maintain such infrastructure.
Given the above requirement and with advent and growth of several remote management technologies, several organizations are outsourcing routine components of infrastructure maintenance activities.
At Clic In IT Solutions, we have been providing Infrastructure maintenance and support services to some very large clients. We are providing a wide range of services through a dedicated and specialized team of IT consultants , system administrators and support specialists ensuring that we not only meet but exceed the agreed upon SLA terms.

Some of the specific areas of service are:

  • Level 1 support
  • System Monitoring & Administration
  • Securities and Privileges management
  • Database administration
  • Storage Support Services
  • Messaging Services
  • ITIL Implementation
With Clic In IT Solutions Managed Services, you get a highly skilled and experienced team that can provide comprehensive, reliable and cost effective services. So you can concentrate on your business, while our qualified experts help you run your application systems and infrastructure.

Level 1 Support
At Clic In IT, we view the primary goal of Level 1 support as a function to provide a strategic point of contact for end-users of the service. As the Level 1 support / help desk is the ‘face’ of the IT organization, we ensure that the team is customer focused. Our associates have excellent inter-personal skills, technical skills and business awareness to ensure that the service reflects and encourages high standards throughout the organization. Depending on the frame-work within the customer organization, the help desk function can be classified as the primary team performing Incident Management.
Clic In IT provides Level 1 support services through:
  • Establishing the function and defining the process
  • Managing the Level 1 / Help desk
  • Staffing the Help desk with people with the right skill-sets
  • Providing a Single Point of Contact between the customer & the service
  • Reporting on service levels and other critical success factors

System Monitoring & Administration
This service helps take care of the customer’s Operating system under the Windows & UNIX environment. Our services include the following:

  • Performance monitoring of servers
  • Responding to alerts and / or tickets that are either auto-generated or user raised
  • Resolving the issue based on Incident and Problem Management guidelines
  • Provide support, advice and guidance to customers on server related issues
  • Analyze root cause of problems and minimize the adverse impact of these issues
  • At the core of the team’s overall efficiency, processes and a customer focused mind-set work cohesively to ensure that the agreed upon SLAs are met.
Securities and Privileges Management
At Clic In IT, we understand the importance of Security within organizations. Having worked with some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations, our consultants are fully qualified with product knowledge of networks, applications and industry-specific security issues.
Our services include managing logical access and control, and enhance operational efficiency with a technically secure environment. Services include but not limited to:
  • Infrastructure Administration; manage the creation, amendment and deletion of Infrastructure level user accounts.
  • Application Administration; manage the creation, amendment and deletion of application level user accounts
Part of the services also include managing the regular recertification of user accounts, application on-boarding and administration of work-flows

Database Administration The goal of our database support team is to provide a pro-active support of database systems across all platforms to ensure a stable and efficient data processing environment for our customers. Services include but not limited to:
At Clic In IT, we aim at providing database support services at an Incident management and problem management level through performing regular system analysis, evaluation and planning and;
  • Document problem resolutions.
  • Maintain reliable database backups
  • Provide timely response to critical requests through 24/7 on-call support
  • Provide response to non-critical customer requests
  • Establish data security by reviewing current security levels every 6 months & modifying if necessary.
  • Maintain data security procedures
  • Engage in regular performance management of databases, application and files/tables
  • Install software upgrades & preventative maintenance to all databases
Apart from ensuring the standard metrics in the SLAs are met, we strive toward ensuring open lines of communication through continuous improvement in documentation procedures, establishing application liaison and management reporting.

Storage Support Services
Clic In IT’s storage support services is based on a precise kind and level of storage –specific expertise it takes to keep the customers complex environment running efficiently and productively.
Our storage support services allow the customer to offload some or all of the challenging operational storage management tasks to the experts at Clic In IT. Assisting the customer’s staff with the day-to-day operation of the open storage environment, Clic In IT can help the customer in improving data availability, enhance productivity, tighten security, and increase the return on investment.
Our flexible engagement model ensures that the customer retains full control of their storage environment. The customer’s IT Staff is freed from time-consuming storage administration.

A typical list of storage support services that are undertaken by Clic In IT consultants:
  • Handling/facilitating service requests
  • Scheduled and ad hoc back ups
  • Monitoring of backups and restart of failed backups
  • Provide response to non-critical customer requests
  • System or File restores
Our storage support services are a highly customizable offering that enables customers to choose the specific services that complement the customers’ in-house resources and support their business goals.

Messaging Services

Clic In IT’s messaging service offering provides customers with competitively priced alternatives to staffing, managing messaging facility and infrastructure. Services within messaging infrastructure include but not limited to:
  • User account Management
  • Managing address book and mailbox
  • System administration of mail servers
  • Monitoring Mail Queues

Clic In IT provides messaging services on the following technologies:

  • Microsoft® Exchange™ with Microsoft® Outlook™
  • Exchange 2000 & 2003
  • POP based messaging infrastructure

Other than the system administration tasks listed above, Clic In IT also provides messaging integration services which could include integration or consolidation of the different messaging systems. TIL Implementation Depending on a company’s degree of ITIL implementation, Clic In IT provides guidance in understanding the company’s requirements for developing and implementing a holistic approach to IT Infrastructure Management.
With our pool of ITIL certified consultants, we can assist in any or all of the following:

Service Management

  • Service Desk
  • Configuration Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management

Service Delivery Set

  • Service Level Management
  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Security Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • Financial Management for IT Services

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